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Type 1 Pampas Grass VS Type 6 Pampas Grass


It is FINALLY here! Luxe B Pampas Grass goldilocks plumes have finally touched down. If you see large luxuriously fluffy nude-blonde pampas floating around Instagram and Pinterest, this is Luxe B’s Type 6 pampas. Over the past few months, our Faux Pampas has quickly become our most popular item. However, we believe now with Type 6 relaunching, it will quickly climb to the top of the popularity list. 


3.6-4 feet total   

Sets of 3 or 6  

 Plume range: 60-80% of the whole stem 

Natural not bleached or dyed: much like virgin hair, soft and untouched.   

 Nude to Blonde tones sometimes light hues of grey  




 Type 6 comes in a smaller variation: Type 6 Small 

How to style type 6 in your home

Check out our look book from customers 


Type 1:  3.6-4 feet total  

 Sets of 3 or 6  

 Plume range: 50-70% of the whole stem 

Bleached (golden white): much like bleached hair, the texture has a slightly processed feel 

 Plumes often more seedy (textured) Airy Featherlike

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