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Preserved VS. Dried



The world of dried florals has been such a huge trend and we have been having so much fun creating boho arrangements for our customers over this past year! Dried florals are a beautiful way to incorporate a natural element into your design whether it be for your special event or home decor. Dried florals are new to a lot of people and now we have decided to make it a little bit more confusing by launching our preserved items here at Luxe B. Fresh florals will last up to ten days and by drying or preserving them they can last 1- 2 years and sometimes more. They require little to no maintenance once styled and they are perfect for our friends who tend to forget to water their plants as they do not require any water. Occasionally, you will need to lightly dust them but that is all that is really required.


What is the difference between dried florals and preserved florals? Drying florals have been a process used by many for decades, this can be achieved by having the moisture removed through a natural dehydration process. The most popular method would be to hang them upside down to dry.  A more modern way to prolong florals has been to preserve them. This is a more scientific method used and does showcase them to look more like their original form. Dried florals tend to look drier hence the word “dried”.  By preserving florals, it gives a more natural look to the items so they do feel alive and real.  For our preserved items, our farmers use certain processes to preserve the items. They remove the sap from the stems and add a chemical to prolong the lifespan. When receiving them it does require some care. You will notice they do feel moist/ damp as if it was alive.  

You do need to dry them in the sun for at least a week. We suggest laying them flat next to a window in direct sunlight. Items that have larger leafs such as our Monstera or Preserved palms, may require additional drying time. We started our brand so that our customers can have fun doing some DIY projects with their items. We love incorporating different textures into arrangements. Mixing both preserved florals and dried florals is a gorgeous way to style a very unique piece in your home or event! We hope you have fun with our items and we are always here if you have any questions or need any recommendations!

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