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Our Different Type of Type 8 Pampas



We categorize our Pampas by numbers! Let me explain further: most pampas have long scientific names that nobody can pronounce!  To make things easier for our customers and ourselves, we decided to categorize our Pampas by numbers. Pampas have certain growing seasons, much like flowers. Right now the hot ticket item for pampas is our Type 8. Type 8 pampas are grown in many South American countries and have become widely popular in design projects over this past year. You may be familiar with UVA stalk, this tall pampas is known for its larger 7-foot tall stems. UVA stalk and type 8 are part of the same pampas family. They are known for their draping plumes that hang to the side. When people ask us about pampas, they ask about fluffy pampas. Type 8 is not known for its fluffy plumes, it’s known for its gorgeous, feather-like, drooping plumes! We love when we see the plumes cascading to the side of your vases. It adds an airy, natural element to your design. When we categorize pampas, we categorize type 8 as a more minimalist style pampas. If you have taken a peek at our website, you may have noticed all the options of type 8 that we have listed. We have worked exclusively with one particular farmer in South America and he has sourced us the most beautiful varieties of this family of pampas. Most of our Type 8 plumes are natural or white with golden hues. We do not ask our farmers to dye these plumes any colors, we love them in their natural form or bleached out to add brightness. Bleached type 8 plumes will have cream hues or gold. Type 8 naturally will either be brown, gray, or be gold with a slight tint of green! 

meet our fleet of type 8 pampas 

Type 8 Bleached White

3 Stems

type 8 golden

5 Stem Small 


3 Stems

type 8 brown

5 Stem Small

Type 8 


5 Stems Small

type 8 nude 

8 Stem Minimalist

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