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Luxe B Preserved Palm Leaves


The Luxe B Team is incredibly fortunate to have sourced such unique palms. Our Dried Sun Palms and Sun Palm Fans have been a favourite in our shop and we are extremely excited to launch the Preserved Palm Leaves. Our Preserved Palm Leaves are available in Bleached White and Pink. Of course we kept our amazing brides in mind and had to get the leaves bleached so it can be easily incorporated into any wedding decor. As well, we will release the Pink Preserved Palms in order to stay true to our signature Luxe B colors.  


Approximately 18” at the widest point and 25” tall. Stem is approximately 10” tall. Each set includes only 1 Preserved Palm Leaf. Bleached Preserved Palm Leaves are more like a golden white. Pink Preserved Palm Leaves are a darker pink at the base and gradually lighten as you get closer to the top.  Soft texture. Airy appearance.

Care Tips

 Preserved Palm Leaves are an incredibly delicate dried floral product. The stems and leaves are incredibly soft and fragile, to be handled with care.

Home decor and Wedding use

Preserved Palm Leaves are excellent placed in picture frames, as wall art, or best for arrangements where a floral drape is desired. The Preserved Palm Leaves are an excellent way of adding BOHO vibes to any room, retail business, or wedding venue. The soft texture of the Preserved Palm Leaves can provide a soft and subtle feel to your floral arrangement.

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