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Luxe B Pinterest Boards

Luxe B Pinterest Boards 

Check out our latest boards created to help our guests navigate with using our pampas and dried florals 

Pinterest is a wonderful tool for finding dried floral inspiration. It has become such a gorgeous trend this year to incorporate this into your design. If you do go with dried florals in your decor the options are endless these days and it can be a really fun way to add a unique design element to anything.  Whether it be for your home or for an important event such as a wedding  Pinterest is a wonderful tool for you to make your vision come to life.

I have always had a love for brightening up my space with florals, I used to buy fresh flowers locally on the daily. I wanted to bring this same feeling to people when I got into the dried floral business. A few wonderful things to know about dried florals is that they don’t require much care and they can last up to two years. If you enjoy a good DIY project, dried florals are a great way to play around with products and bring out your own creative side. 

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Hi guys, Madeleline Mackenzie here!

NEW Faux Pink Pampas

Preserved VS. Dried

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