Luxe B- Faux Pampas Grass


With the demand for pampas grass used as home, office, and wedding decor increasing, the accessibility of the product is dwindling. The struggle as a company that sells this trendy product is simply keeping up with the demand. Pampas grass is grown and harvested by hard working farmers. This means that product is not always in season because it takes time to grow, pick, and ship this perfect and highly desired plant. 

We often find ourselves receiving last minute calls from brides and florists that hope to order pampas grass for arrangements and decor; however, having extra pampas grass readily available to ship out is often infeasible. It is our prediction that by next wedding season, pampas grass will be even more difficult to acquire.  

Owner Madeleine Mackenzie wanted to create an artificial product that resembled the high quality real pampas grass that we were already selling. She thereupon manufactured the practical yet on trend faux pampas grass. Our faux pampas grass is perfect for customers that are concerned about their fur babies using the real pampas as a chew toy. Artificial pampas is an incredibly safe alternative to the authentic dried floral. Likewise, customers will not have to worry about shedding if they choose the artificial pampas grass to style in their home or wedding. 

Florists and wedding designers are able to reuse the faux pampas multiple times without the fear of damaged stems or plumes. As well, faux pampas is the perfect keepsake for brides to style in their homes as a reminder of their beautiful day. 

When our artificial pampas was first launched, every color that one could imagine was available. Since then, we have decreased the amount of colors available and stuck with the colors that were inspired by the Mojave Desert. We have been lucky enough to have many customers share their styled pampas ideas with us. 

We've found that people are combining three stems of each color by blending them together in vases around their homes. Blending the cream and taupe sand faux pampas together creates an arrangement with dimension that catches everyone's eye.   


Home decor use:  

 Stunning piece to add in with other dried floral for your seasonal home decor.  

 Great to landscape any table for your family dinners or events. 

 Suitable for your bathroom decor due to it’s moisture resistance. 

 Perfect to build charm in any nursery.   

Amazing used in occasional backyard decor. 

Wedding decor use:   

Great to landscape any table for your family dinners or events.  

 Perfect for lining aisles.   

 Beautiful as alter decor.  

Breathtaking styled on your archway.   

 Amazing when you cut plumes to use in smaller arrangements. 

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