Luxe B Boutique

Luxe B Boutique

I started Luxe B two years ago in a storage locker in California, no joke! I’d create my arrangements from the storage locker and ship them all over the States.  It’s been a complete whirlwind to go from packing orders in the dark in a storage locker to hitting 100K followers on our Instagram; & honestly the very best learning experience for me. We transitioned our office space a few times in our first year as our business grew. It went from a storage locker in California, to my home garage in Edmonton, to a basement suite apartment that we turned into our very first office, and finally into our first warehouse location in less than a year. When I moved my business to Canada at the start of the pandemic, I never dreamed that I would have such a supportive local community here.

When I first started my business I only had an American online store and when I moved to Canada this was the case as well. Somehow through the grapevine people started realizing that I was local to Edmonton even though my website was American (I was shipping 98% of my packages to the states at this time). From time to time, I’d get an email request like “ Hello Madeleine, I was told that your main office is currently in Edmonton, can I come to pick up my order?” I soon realized after numerous people dropped by that I had a market for my items here in Edmonton. I was completely blown away! When we transitioned into our first warehouse space in August, I knew it was time to open my online market to my fellow Canadians. I launched the Canadian website in November 2020 and it took off! I never thought that my boho California items would draw in so many new supporters. After realizing I was very wrong, I decided that in late November/ December I would start offering curbside pick up to our local community.

It has kept us so busy and it has honestly made my heart so warm meeting all the lovely people coming to pick up their items. We soon realized our first warehouse was too small to handle our operations and a new space was required. We put on our big girl panties and decided it was time to move into a larger warehouse space that could accommodate a boutique for our growing local market.  

We got the keys to this new warehouse space on May 7th, 2021 and we have been working around the clock to get it ready for the grand opening of our first boutique. Building any space during covid will have its hiccups, and ours was no exception! We finally got power 5 days after receiving the keys and will be getting the internet running this week. Step one is to get the boutique to where we want it to be so that we can have our customers come in and feel safe to walk around and shop during this time! 

My entire team is so excited about this opening as we have been operating our business behind a computer and are truly happy to finally be able to meet more people face to face, or in today’s climate mask to mask! Nothing makes me happier than seeing the items that we curated bring warmth and happiness into other people's spaces. We have searched long and hard to source beautiful items whether it be dried florals or decor pieces for your home! Our team will also be ready to help you with any questions regarding your special events such as weddings, baby showers, product launches- you name it! This will be a couple more weeks in the making until we are fully ready to open to the public. Please stay tuned via our social media for when we make the official announcement of our grand opening! We are looking forward to all the good things to come from this!  With gratitude,   Madeleine

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